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Kim Watson

Director of Strategic Relations

Kim Watson is the Vice President of Inspire Women’ Board and is currently being mentored as a speaker/teacher by Anita Carman.  She is pursuing her Masters degree in theology from Fuller Seminary. Kim graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education.  She taught for … [read more]

Barbara Birthday Lunch

Mia Yoo

Mia Yoo, VP – Houston

Mia Yoo is the Vice President of Inspire Women-Houston. Mia has an MBA in marketing. While she was rising up the corporate ladder, God intercepted her life to redirect her energies to build a major women’s ministry. In her role, she implements the vision and mission of Inspire Women … [read more]

Anita Carman

Founder & President

At the age of 17, Anita Carman arrived in the free land of America after the tragic suicide of her mother. In God’s grace, He carried Anita on an incredible journey from bondage and fear to physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. Today, Anita is the Founder and President of Inspire … [read more]