About Anita Carman

Anita Carman

At the age of 17, following a childhood in Hong Kong filled with emotional trauma and incredible challenges, Anita Carman came to the United States to build a new life. Just before leaving Hong Kong, Anita lost her mother to suicide, an event that unraveled her world in an instant but set her in the direction which God was calling her.

Although Anita found herself in the land of opportunity, it came amidst tremendous pain and long odds for success. But, she excelled academically, completing an undergraduate degree in two years, followed by earning a Master of Business Administration from the State University of New York. After graduating, Anita pursued a life of corporate success. During this time she met her husband, Bob Carman, and she first sensed that God had a different plan for her life.

Bob was relocated to Houston, Texas and Anita found herself at a crossroads: Would she immerse herself in a profitable corporate career and stifle the pains of her past or would she take up the cross God asked her to carry by using the wounds of her childhood as an inspiration for other women? Anita followed God’s calling and left to serve as a leader in Beth Moore’s Sunday school class for seven years. With Beth’s encouragement, Anita attended Dallas Theological Seminary, where she graduated top of her class. She then served at the College of Biblical Studies for five years reaching the level of V.P. of Special Programs and Special Assistant to the President. It was there that Anita began to realize the underdeveloped potential in women across all ethnicities and economic levels to become a formidable force to change their communities and the world…

“Imagine a world where every woman wakes up knowing her purpose,” Anita says. “More than that, she has a friend who believes in her and will invest in her potential. I commit my life to building a lasting ministry where any woman can be educated to know God’s purpose and find empowerment to live it to her fullest.”

In May of 2003, Anita founded Inspire Women, with no money in the bank but a crystal-clear mission to inspire women of all ethnicities, denominations and economic levels to find and pursue their God-given potential.

With a special focus on mentorship and funding, each year Inspire Women disciples over 800 leaders and funds more than 100 scholarships and grants for a singular purpose: to invest in women who change the world. Inspire Women has a heart for women and devotes its time and resources to helping them realize their God-given potential.

Anita knows that we all have a choice, to be bitter from the suffering and succumb to the “if only’s,” or to let God connect the broken melodies in our lives to transform our lives into a victory song.