Transforming For a Purpose

Fulfilling God's Mission as Daughters of the King

As daughters of the King of Kings, our emotions should reflect our confidence in Him, right? That’s easier said than done. Anita Carman knows how debilitating three particular emotions—loneliness, rejection, and fear—can be. But she also knows the power of Jesus Christ. As Anita writes, “Throughout this book, you will be led to look into God’s Word to discover how to transform your emotions for God’s purpose, using His counsel and the experiences of His people.” In down-to-earth fashion, she walks us through the emotions that taint our thinking and keep us from experiencing all God desires for us. She adds: “Our ability (or inability) to flow with the changes in our lives comes from our belief (or unbelief) in the goodness of the Change Agent Himself.” Transforming for a Purpose will challenge the way you live—and who you really believe in. “A person who lives by faith is one who intentionally models her behavior after the faith heroes in the Bible and trusts that making such a choice is the best choice, no matter what the outcome.” Radical? Maybe. Biblical? Definitely. Don’t let loneliness, rejection, or fear sabotage your dreams any longer. Be transformed today!

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