"When I think of Anita Carman, the word that comes to my mind is faithful. She is a role model of faithful service. With focus and tenacity, she poured herself into the task God assigned to her. The result is Inspire Women, a ministry that has inspired thousands of women to step into God's purpose for their lives. I pray for Anita's continued success!"

“Anita Carman graduated top of her class at Dallas Theological Seminary. We at Dallas Seminary are thrilled to watch how God is using Anita to inspire women across ethnicities to take the study of God's Word seriously and to apply the relevance of His Word to transform lives in families, workplaces and communities.”

“Anita's life, testimony and communication skills, make her uniquely qualified to impact all those she comes in contact with. Her passion is highly contagious. She truly is a visionary leader crossing generations and ethnicities, bringing a message of hope. Time and consistency proves the character of individuals and organizations. The fruit of Anita Carman and Inspire Women will prove to be of great import and impact to countless lives.”

“Anita Carman moves at Spirit-compelled speed with a contagious energy to expand God's kingdom on earth. I commend the marvelous ministry of Inspire Women!”

“Anita's love for the Lord, His Word and His work is not only obvious to everyone but is also contagious. Her passionate relationship with God is like a sweeping fire that causes others to burn with the same spiritual fervor. Prepare to be blessed by Anita and Inspire Women"

“Anita Carman is a visionary leader who invests in women of all ethnicities. I am so grateful for Anita and Inspire Women's passion to protect the privilege of all women to be established in His Word.”

“Anita Carman loves Jesus firsthand and foremost. She has passion for the Lord and a love for God’s daughters. God has mixed these two ingredients and given her a ministry of blessing, caring, training, and loving that is infectious. We need more Anitas!”

“Anita Carman is brilliant. I am thrilled about her ministry. She has substitute taught for me in Sunday School and at retreats. I trust her teaching totally.”