Anita's Devotions


Lonliness for a Cause

Written by Anita Carman

Dear Faithful One,

In gratitude for the ministry of KHCB FM 105.7 radio, this week’s teaching contains truths from my daily teaching time on the radio. I pray these nuggets of truths from God’s Word will encourage you in a special way. Below was a teaching on how God suffered for a cause.
What was Christmas like for God that first Christmas Jesus left heaven to be born on planet earth? God could have gone into a deep depression. After all, Jesus left home! Yet Luke 2:14 tells us that the angels burst into song singing, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”  Could it be that God was willing to pay the cost of a dream because the dream was worth the suffering? What about you? Do you find yourself separated from your family and friends this Christmas? If so, what dream are you chasing? Is the dream worth the sacrifice? If we are suffering for a dream, let it be a dream worthy of our suffering.

Thank you KHCB radio for sharing my teaching with thousands of your listening audience every day. The ministry of Inspire Women is grateful for you as our co-laborers in Christ!

Love, Anita