Inspire Women

InspireWomen When I served as a leader in Beth Moore’s class she said, “Anita, you have the cloak, just dip it in the water!” Never in a million years did I expect God to call me as Founder of Inspire Women, a non-profit women’s ministry to awaken His purpose in thousands of women across ethnicities and economic levels. For the mother I could not save, God transformed the broken melody in my life into His victory song to help thousands of women to serve in His dreams for their lives. If you need a friend to help you find your spark or to encourage you to keep going to finish your mission well, please view the following video on Inspire Women’s broad reach and visit the website to discover how Inspire Women can encourage you.

Candle Inspire Women exists to inspire women of all races and socioeconomic backgrounds to follow their calling and find their spark. Anita Carman founded Inspire Women with a clear vision to rally a united sisterhood of women across ethnicities and economic levels through citywide conferences, radio and publications with a strong year round follow-up program to identify leadership potential and to inspire women to serve their communities through leadership training, mentorship, scholarships, ministry grants and generosity. Today, Inspire Women has invested millions to prepare women to live God’s dreams to change their communities and the world.