Anita's Devotions


Only God Can Walk with a Cross Carrier

Written by Anita Carman

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Dear Faithful One,

Do you find those around you insensitive to the cross you are carrying? Before you get mad at them consider this. Not everyone realizes you are carrying a cross. Most people are in their own worlds. Not everyone is mature enough to walk beside a cross carrier. Most people run from the cross. Instead of looking to those around you for help, recognize that only God can walk with a cross carrier. On Calvary Jesus cried out in Luke 23:46, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” Do you need to cry out to the Father to get you through your suffering?

When I pray for you, I hear a victory song. I believe in you because I believe in the power of God’s Word in you as you put His Word into action.

Love, Anita

  • SouthernLadyDiva

    So through my journey I will continue to carry my cross, complete his purpose, with Him. Be happy, cry… and know trouble will not last always.